OtherSide Maps

Adventures In Alternative Orientation

Intuitively Designed Geometric and Harmonising Maps for Exploration, Quest and Pilgrimage.


Symbolism Encodes

Portals Open

Maps Show

Mapping Connects

Inter-dimensional Superhighway Activates

Annwn Calls

Mystery Beckons

Myth Reminds

Intuition Remembers

Magic Stirs

Ritual Consolidates

History Repeats

Processional Route is Ready

Ways still Wait

Paths still Lead

Muse still Sings

Sound still Travels

Music Inspires

Smell Evokes

Scent Recalls

Memory is Returning

Future Memory Familiar

Pilgrimage to the Holy Place

Alignments Show Themselves

Geometry Measures

Harmony Balances

Imagination Re-awakens

Discovery Never Bores

Legend Persists

Otherworld So Close

Phenomenon Light Up The Skies

UFO Laughing

UAP Taking Things Seriously

Landscape Temple of the Mythical Lands

Inspiration Floods

Ritual Landscape into the Distance

Unexplained Becoming Tangible

Tune-in to Another Station

Experience Difference

Conjure your Beliefs

Associate your Separate Threads

Short-cut to the Heart of the Matter

As The Crow Flies, So Do We

Line of Sight Finds

Treasure Unearthed

Sacred Object Holds Power

Social Context Brings Meaning

Arcane Thoughts Arise

Ecclesiastical Motif Holds Secrets

Engravings Memorialise Matter

Carvings Cut Truth in Stone and Wood

Stained Glass Paints Pictures of the Past

Storytelling is an Art

Myth-Making is Integral

Language Of The Birds Becomes Translatable

Pareidolia Sees Allegory

Allegory Suggests

Suggestion Invites

Sylph Bathes in The Fount of Inspiration

Power Increases

Energy is Malleable

Subtle Are The Ways

Subtle Forces Become Perceptible

Underworld Vast Deepness

Upperworld Vast Broadness

Heaven Encompasses

Earth Crumbles to Dust

God/s in Multiple Forms

Goddess/es Obscured Re-Appear

King, Ride your White Stallion Through Them

Queen, Bring Peace to the Battlefield

Fairytale Follows Breadcrumbs

Trails Lead In to The Forest

Elves Tell you Their Names

Gnomes bring you Gems from Below

Mythical Beasts Gallop

Dragons Keep Their Places

Unicorn Majestic

Manuscript Embellished

White Hart Stands in The Grove

Gwyn ap Nudd is Waiting

Orion Stands Over-watching

Sirius Gleams Incandescent

Venus Loves you with Star Light

Morning Star, Open Your Eyes

Evening Star, Rise High

Fountain Gushes Youth

Flight is your Birthright

Swans Migrate

Winter Holds You Close

Summer Sends You Out

Spring Blooms into Colour

Autumn brings Abundance

Drove is a Clearway

Peak is Attainable

Life Goes On…

Death, is Illusion

Resurrection For All

Rebirth Again

Holy Land Undifferentiated

Wild Hunt Wants You

Bridge Crosses Over

Simulacrum becomes Transparent

Thought Form becomes Real

Re-structure the Foundation

Exploration Never Ceases

Active Imagination is Invaluable

Visualisation Refined

Orientation Finds Itself

Space-Time Collapses

Activation Imminent

Adventure Unstoppable

Serpent Trails Await


Signs are Un-Ignorable

Ornithomancy Shows Feathers Gleaming

Listening in Silence

Seeing Beyond the Surface

Looking at Every Detail

Feeling Every Subtle Nuance

Being Without Acting

Immersing Fully in the Stream

Freeing Everything that’s Caught

Undoing Every Single Knot

Creating in Perpetuity

Context is a Cradle

Consciousness is Everything

Beings Call Your Name

Projection from The Centre

Beacon Hill Sends Signal

Sacred Grove Encloses

Ringed Enclosure Observatory

Standing Stones like Sentinels

Long Barrow like a Womb

Monastery Still Chanting

Church in the Midst of Histories

Mound Primordial Risen

Temple of The Stars

Ceremony Gracious

Numinous in Nature

Nature Overflowing

Water of The Graces

Birds See Across Borders

Wildlife Does Not Fear You

The Sky is Watching

Stars are Personified

The Milky Way Like Mother

Expanse Ineffable

Weather Obeys Command

Mountain Becomes Husband

Hill of Revolving Wheels

Range Afar Dear Chariot

Moor under Moonlit Stillness

Mist is a Living Creature

Darkness Unfurls Around the Candle

Light Shines Darkly Brightly

Forest Stands Eternal

Woods Scurrying with Meaning

Epic Notions Grow Larger

Ancient Oak Speaks Slowly

Estuary Rolls back In on Itself

Vista Reflecting the Sky

Springs Relentless Bring Forth

Wells Channelling the Fathoms

Valley Accumulates

River Always Arriving

Lake Safely Holding

Brook Making it’s Way

Stream Gathering Momentum

Island in the Midst of it All

Confluence Meeting

Mingling Experience

Ocean Source Infinity

Sea of Potential Probability

Coast at the Threshold

Inland it’s Raining

Order and Symmetry

Beauty in a Grain of Salt

Dynamic Action in Metamorphosis

Interplay of Opposites

Abstraction of Perfection

Association of Myriad Influences

Pattern Seeking is Primordial

Pattern Making is Creation

Geoglyph Intentional

Symbolic Route Representative

Fox Makes A Path Through The Undergrowth

Walking Designs into The Medium

Reinforcing Patterns with our Footsteps

Doorways Glow with Invitation

Contact Made in Novel Ways

Communication Without Speaking

Communing in Dissolution

Dissolving into Electricity

Merging our Separation

Igniting Brand New Torches

Initiation into Reality

Transmission of Objectives

Weaving Perfect Geometry

Interconnecting Dimensions

Crow Shows The Way

Sanctifying Every Moment

Opening Dark Gateways

Activating Decommissioned Power Sources

Imbuing Time with Non-Linearity

All-time Opens Out Around You

No-time Holds you in it’s Feather Bed

No-space Wraps you in it’s Blanket

All-space is your Infinite Territory

Circle Describes The Edges

Sphere in 3 Dimensions

Spiral Rising Upward Downwards

The Cross is at The Centre

Crossroads Mark the Turning

Up! Out of your Head

Down! Out through the Feet

Left the Arm Outstretched

Right in Mirror Version

Behind, The Cross Beams Outward

In Front it’s Beaming Forward

Above the Dove is Waiting

Below is a Vast Chasm

Within there is No Limitation

Without Nothing

The All

The One

Encompass The Whole

Circumscribe your Circle

Axis Point Zero

Geometer Measures the Globe

Geography Teaches a Lesson

Geomancy Romances The Stone

Triangle At The Apex

Eye Opens In Sun-rays

Square is Hyper-cubic

Compass Sets The Square

Compassion Burns Like Fire

Wind of The Many Forces

Rose Blooms on The Pillar

Sun is Risen at Dawn

Raven Places the Rotating Star Upon Your Brow

Solar-Storm Rains Down Magnetic

Rain Washes Clean the Debris

Snow Melts a New Beginning

Lush in Golden Mornings

Bleak in Equal Measure

Golden Age Outside of Time

Fertility A State of Mind

Growth Means Existence

The Four Quarters are Divisions

Purposeful the Numbers

Archetype in Waiting

Diorama Is Operational

Overlay A New Projection

Design In Perfect Motion

Build A Stronger Scaffold

Manifest The Substance

Suggest A Better Option

Breakthrough All Conditioning

Inscription Left to Tell You

Conceptualise The Pattern

Realise The Potential

Understand The Greater Glory

Sense Of Humour Must Not Leave You

Knowing Glances In The Corners

Doubt Is A Golden Apple

Trust That Doubt Recommends You

Discernment Is An Alliance

Discover You Are Multitude

Uncover A Grander Scheme

Search Without Abatement

Seek Where They Will Find You

Find A Greater Promise

Recognise Divinity

Conceive The Child Of Light

See Everything All At Once

Look Into The Mirror

Intensify Your Gaze

Venerate The Unknowable

Deer Stands Proud In The Clearing

Empower Your Responsibility

Responsibility Is An Honour

Truth Believes In Your Promises

Honour The Agreements

Intent Cuts Like Diamond

Respect The Limits That Bind You

Gratitude Even In Suffering

Awareness Has No Upper Limit

Care Catches Tears In Your Basket

Love Is The Greatest Transformer

Humbleness Acquires You

Learning Never-ending

Will To The True Purpose

Excitement At A Mere Whisper

Peace Upon The Horizon

Nodes Lighting Up Like Fireflies

Spatial Awareness Is Worth Honing

Leaving Without Going

Omnidirectional In Movement

Vision Far Beyond Seeing

Solstice Suspend animation

Equinox A Ballerina

Sunset Is Sunrise Elsewhere

Sunrise A Vast Equation

Moon Eclipses Proportion

Moon Rise In Complex Cycles

Lunar Maximum in Angles

Lunar Minimum Elevations

Syzygy In Two Hands Holding

Seasons Herald Arrivals

Transformation Is A Nuclear Reaction

Sympathetic Elements Attractive

Mystery, Play On The Sacred Harp

Battlefields Leave Traces

Remembrance Is An Action

Honouring Sacred Protocol

Departing Requiring Guidance

Guiding Is A Calling

Approaching So As Not To Startle

Arriving Without Staying

Transition Is a Melting Glacier

Transitory In Permanence

Liminal Enquiry

Tangible Indescribables

Reflect A Holographic Simplicity

Enhance The Delicate Trembling

Improve The Relief and Shadow

Guide A Camel Through The Eye Of A Needle

Spirit Of Place Has Laid The Table

Time-Travel Requires No Distance

Historic events Leave A Watermark

Historic Figures Linger

Apparition Of Authority

Spectre Of Specific Details

Memory Overlay Superposition

Universal Database Broadcasting

Stream Of Consciousness Receiver

Unlock Levels Irreversible

Ways Of Seeing Cannot Be Counted

Perception Shift The Weight From On You

Pierce The Veil With Shining Lances

Second Sight Brings Second Chances

Open Access To The Store Room

Download A Compressed Folder

Revere The One Who Sent It

Daydream The Vague Into Sharpness

Meander The Curving Sinews

Pursue The Intact Completeness

Complete The Impossible Puzzle

Begin The Most Simple Of Projects

Enclose the Conception In Amber

Demarcate The Outer Reaches

Contain It’s Fullness In The Fragments

Edge Has A Way Of Perceiving

Circumference Centrifugal

Distance Is Relational

Length Is Latitudinal

Breadth Of A Hare Leaping

Width Of An Open Chamber

Measure By The Wheel Rolling

Describe The Area By It’s Components

Encode The Total In The Fraction

Influence The Outcome

Consolidate Exactions

Perfect Are The Palaces

Angles Weep In Exaltation

Properties Of Golden Ratios

Structural integrity a Romance

Structural Harmony In A Held Note

Integrity Holds Itself accountable

Structure Relies On Integrity

Qualities Are Inherent

Equidistant Are The Parameters

Diameter Rotating

3D Version Of A More Complex Image

4D Representation Of A 3D Object

Nth-Dimension Vectoring Phases

Radius Finds You Half Way

Form Is Not Following Function

Perfection Of Form Is Primary

Day Of The New Arrival

Night Of The Unknown Destiny

Morning Doesn’t Fail

Evening Rings Like Cut Glass

Midday Shows No shadows

Shadows Are Made Of Time

Hint Drops Like A Pin

Glimpse Through The Pale Curtain

Intonation Hums A Known Tune

Introspection A Ship Sailing

Manifold Looping Trajectories

Consideration Is A Blind Alley

Clue Yourself In To the Exit

Threads Construct The Web

Portents Have A Certain Flavour

Dates Co-Write The Almanac

Times Have A Way Of Telling

Repetitions By Rote Construct

Cycles Eternal Return

Re-iterations Place Holds

Enchantment Is A Bell Ringing

Enchant The Mundane Into Splendour

Reinforce The Shining Highways

Strengthen Resolving Formations

Emphasise Crystalline Towers

Emphasis On Integration

Real Are The Assemblages

Reality Is A Construct

Symmetry In Observation

Sustain Self-Perpetuating Fusion

Habitate The Many Mansions

Concentrate The Essence

Direct The Permutations

Direction Always Guided

Unify All Concepts

Connect The Arbitrary

Conjoin Unlikely Associates

Link Together The Disparate

Integrate Oil Into Water

Focus The Ray With Dedication

Centre Unites With Centre

Concordance Of Will In Action

Co-occurrence Of Effect In Reaction

Border Forces Recognition

Co-incidence Shows Unfolding

Unity In Sequence

Unification Is Annihilation

Converge Where The Arc Started

Convergence Is A Grand Celebration

Synchronicity Opens It’s Umbrella

Synchronise With The Heartbeat Rhythm

Synchronisation Dances Elated

Gathering Flocks Prepare For Migration

Pronouncing A Time Of Preparation

Silence Breaks Out In The Crowd

Solitude Brings Together Apart

Considering A Route Through The Void

Deciding To Make The Leap

Committing To Never Turning Back

Forgetting From Where You Came

Remembering Familiar Landmarks

Sacred Is The Vessel

Continuum ad Infinitum

Continuation Of Tradition

Perseverance In The Face Of Mediocrity

Preserving Without Fossilising

Changing Course On A Whim

Joyfulness Is The Prize Of Possessors

Play Is A Serious Matter

Re-enact The Exemplary Model

Symbolic Gesture Assumes An Original

Choreography Beyond Comprehension

Movement Which Paints An Example

Body Is A Craft To Master

Mind Is The Great Projector

Embody The One Who Called You

Extrapolate The Glyph By Extension

Include The Parts Cast Outward

Voice Of Reason Echoes

Resonance Requires An Influence

Release The Wave From It’s Coil

Song Of A Thousand Voices

Sing It Into Visibility

Vocalise Nebulous Wordlessness

Breathe A spark Into The Clay Figure

Tune The Strings That Tie The Puppet

Frequency Shows Missing Frames

Echo Is One Of Your Names

Stillness At The Centre Of The Tempest

Attunement Via Calibration

Spaces Are Dependent On Boundaries

Gaps Widen As You Approach Them

Cracks Are Signs Of Structural Tension

Crevices Open To Paradise

Caves Accessible Through Solid Rock

Fire Of The Eternal Genesis

Air Of The Sublime Commander

Plasma Transubstantiation

Matter In Time Delineated

Immateriality Conceives

Corporeal Manifestation

Non-corporeal Director

Substance Of Divine Revelation

Substantial Effort Expendable

Non-substantial Conglomerate

Insubstantial Inviable

Metaphysical Collaboration

Physical In Counterpart

Physics In Measures Unravels

Metaphysics In First Principles

Poetry Writes Itself

Metaphor Multiplies Transactions

Loss Equates to Retrieval

Gain Is A Peak Above Low Passes

Memorisation Of The Unforgettable

Time Immemorial Is Present

Morality Is A Higher Order

Memorialise All That’s Been Forgotten

Beneficence Bestows Requirements

Benevolence Begets Fulfilment

Magnificence In Crumbling Grandure

Ephemeral The Flawless Establishments

Pre-historical Confabulations

Historicity Seeps Into Reprise

Unknowable Facts Retroactive

Descend Beyond The Abyss

Ascend The Pillar Of Fire

Swim Electric Through The Grid

Fly, Eagle In The Warm Air Rising

Run Faster Than The Light Can Catch You

Skip Straight To The Point Of Departure

Jump Without Ever Landing

Soar Into The Comfort Of Oblivion

Travel Extremities Reaches

Astral Plane Is A Metaphor

Dream A Re-constitution

Go, Ride Your Horse Among Them

Return To The Great Persuasion

Act On The Stage Of The Aeon

Do Whatever They Tell You

Pay Attention To Those Who Mislead You

Hyperawareness Is A Virtue

Heightened Senses Know The Phantoms

Follow Authentic Instruction

Lead By Setting A Precedent

Absorb The Spilt Nectar

Amalgamate In The Crucible

Become Fully Playable

Assist In Divine Intervention

Great Work Requires Immersion

Mission Accepts Your Willingness

Holy Rites Instruct Their Performance

Holy Relics Are Bound By Contracts

Inner Voice Confounding

Guiding Voice Clarifying

Faith Requires Deconstruction

Uncertainty In Principle

Paradox Is A Blessing

Make Believe That everything’s Real

Suspension Of Disbelief Has Vitality

Opposites Create Themselves

Balance Your Heart against The Feather

Entanglement In The Vast Eclectic

Fun Even Over Devastation

Quantifiable Are The Remits

Unquantifiable Unit Accretion

Complexity Is The Simplest Answer

Playfulness In The Cemetery

Solemnity In The Circus

Simplification Of The Intricate

Symbols Speak A Different Dialect

Relevance Over Desiring

Many Worlds Desire You

Acceptance Of The Undoubtable

Boldness In Assertions

Fearlessness Marks The Decided

Immortality Has Always Known You

Keys To The Gates Of Eden

Infinity Within Your Boundaries

Heart Is Where The Home Is



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